Plant, animal and microbial genetic resources and adaptation to climatic changes. Task 1.3.3. “Novel biotechnological approaches to identify and functionally characterize coding and non-coding regions involved in the plant response to biotic and abiotic stresses in grapevine”. (Centro Nazionale di Ricerca per le tecnologie dell’ Agricoltura – Agritech).

Scientific Responsable : Professor Alessandro Vannozzi, DAFNAE | alessandro.vannozzi@unipd.it

Reference dates: 10.07.2019 – 17.09.2023

Project description (English)

The project is aimed at deepening the knowledge on the regulatory complexes of genes involved in grape quality and  the response to stress through an innovative biotechnological approach based on the selective immunoprecipitation of DNA-protein complexes mediated by a mutated Cas9 followed by protein/nucleotide sequencing for the simultaneous identification of locus-specific chromatin proteins and long-range DNA interactions. The description of the organizational structure of the promoters and of the cis-regulatory elements of genes lays the foundations for understanding the regulation of the genes themselves and ultimately for the control of biological phenomena of interest.