Fattori che influenzano la biologia, il comportamento e il controllo di Scaphoideus titanus (Regione Veneto U.O. Fitosanitario).

Scientific Responsable: Professor Carlo Duso,DAFNAE | carlo.duso@unipd.it

Reference dates: 21.09.2022 – 31.12.2024

Project description (English)

The project will investigate the following topics:

  • Factors influencing the phenology of Scaphoideus titanus  
  • Relationships between Scaphoideus titanus and grape varieties
  • Incidence of Flavescence dorée and infectivity of different S. titanus developmental stages
  • Role of kaolin in control strategies against Scaphoideus titanus
  • Insecticide distribution and their effectiveness against FD vectors
  • The role of cultural practices in mitigating the impact of insecticides on beneficials