This research group operates in the scientific fields of plant physiology/ecophysiology and micrometeorology applied to crops and forestry. The expertise of the group spans from molecular biology and transcriptomics of grape to the relationships between environment and the grapevine, with special focuses on the effects of climate change on viticulture, carbon balance, flora induction and bud fertility.

Group leader: Andrea Pitacco, Full Professor (

Research group members

Publications (selection)

  • Grape Berry Responses to Sequential Flooding and Heatwave Events: A Physiological, Transcriptional, and Metabolic Overview – by Alessandro Botton et al. (2022) Plants 11(24), 3574.
  • The interplay between grape ripening and weather anomalies in Northern Italy – A modelling exercise – by Franco Meggio et al. (2022) Oeno One 56(2), 353-373.
  • Flooding Responses on Grapevine: A Physiological, Transcriptional, and Metabolic Perspective – by Benedetto Ruperti et al. (2019) Front. Plant Sci. 10, e339.