farm land during sunset

The main topics of research are the following: strategies and techniques for more efficient agriculture, organic agriculture, agriculture-environment nexus, sustainable cropping systems, water management within agro-ecosystem from both quantitative and qualitative perspective, agricultural practises for resilience and adaptation to climatic changes, ecosystem services related to agricultural activities, valorization of agrobiodiversity, intercropping.

Group leader: Carmelo Maucieri – Associate Professor (

Research group members

  • Maurizio Borin – Full professor
  • Vittoria Giannini – Researcher
  • Gaetano Pesce – Postdoc
  • Dott.ssa Giorgia Raimondi – PhD student
  • Dott. Francesco Morbidini – PhD student

Publications (selection)

  • Soil indicators for comparing medium-term organic and conventional agricultural systems – by Giorgia Raimondi et al. (2023). European Journal of Agronomy, 142, 126669.
  • Integrated weed management: Tools and strategies in a world of pesticide restriction – by Vittoria Giannini et al. (2021). Italian Journal of Agronomy, 16(4).
  • Smart fertilizers: What should we mean and where should we go? – by Giorgia Raimondi et al. (2021). Italian Journal of Agronomy, 16(2).
  • No-tillage effects on soil CH4 fluxes: A meta-analysis – by Carmelo Maucieri et al. (2021). Soil and Tillage Research, 212, 105042.
  • Treatment performances of floating wetlands: A decade of studies in North Italy – by Alberto Barco & Maurizio Borin (2020). Ecological Engineering, 158, 106016.