The Enology research group deals with the study of the quality of wines, especially sparkling wines, in relation to both the grape characteristics and winemaking technologies. In particular, the group is specialized in the study of grape and yeast macromolecules and their effects on wine quality and stability. Moreover, the research activity is also aimed at aspects related to sustainability in the cellar and the possibility of enhancing winemaking waste.

Group leader: Andrea Curioni – Full Professor (

Research group members

Publications (selection)

  • The macromolecular diversity of Italian monovarietal red wines – by MArangon et al. (2022) OenoOne 56(2): 81–90.
  • Prevention of quercetin precipitation in red wines: a promising enzymatic solution – by Vendramin et al. (2022) OENO One 56(1), 41
  • Chemical and sensory analysis of verjuice: an acidic food ingredient obtained from unripe grape berries – by de Matos et al. (2017). Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies 44: 9-14
  • Foamability of Prosecco wine: Cooperative effects of high molecular weight glycocompounds and wine PR-proteins – by Vincenzi et al. (2014) Food Hydrocolloids 34: 202-207