The research activity of the Agricultural Entomology group aims to develop grapevine pest management strategies for a sustainable viticulture.  We do basic research as the identification of grapevine vine pests, in particular invasive species, the study of their biology, and their interactions with the plant and the associated food webs. We also perform applied research as the development of monitoring techniques and integrated management combining different pest control techniques to minimize the side effects on the environment and human health.

Group leader: Carlo Duso – Full Professor (

Research group members

Publications (selection)

  • Malagnini, V., Pozzebon, A., Facchin, P., Paganelli, A., & Duso, C. (2022).Airborne pollen can affect the abundance of predatory mites in vineyards: implications for conservation biological control strategies. Pest Management Science, 78(5), 1963-1975.
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