Progetto PON

Microbiological approach to improve the sustainability of wine production and reduce the impact of climate change on wine quality

Scientific Responsable: Professor Viviana Corich,DAFNAE |

Reference dates: 01.01.2022 – 31.12.2024

Project description (English)

The project aims to increasing the sustainability of wine production by exploiting the properties possessed by a new yeast species, Starmerella bacillaris. In fact, its use as a biocontrol agent in the vineyard could limit the use of pesticides, which has an impact on human health and reduces the variability of microbial species, thus influencing the vineyard ecosystem. Furthermore, the study of the cellular composition of this new yeast will be used for the development of new oenological formulations. The project involves the participation of the SOFRALAB group, a leading company in the design, development and marketing of oenological products.